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Upon entering into management level positions in Chicago, Balcazar started to find new ways to repackage bars and restaurant while simultaneously running them. In 2009, Balcazar moved to Miami, and enrolled at Le Cordon Bleu to gain more culinary back of the house experience and learn cost control first hand.  He started as a cook with acclaimed Chef Timon Balloo. Then moving to the Jonathan Eismann Group, leading them as the General Manager for 4 multi-unit concepts: Pacific Time, Q American BBQ, Fin, and Pizza Volante.

Balcazar left the Eismann Group after Eismann sold the business to a developer. From that point forward Balcazar worked as an operational General Manager for new concepts. He finally found his niche in the industry as an opener and fixer. In the Past 4 Years Balcazar has secured a large array of partnerships from liquor companies to cooperate clients. His ability to match the right venue and partnerships has led to the right formula for success for his clients success. 

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William Balcazar, Owner/Principal at The Balcazar Group, is an acclaimed hospitality professional who has gained experience at opening, running, and consulting on numerous high-profile establishments, Establishments include: Macy*s Food division, Mayfair Hotel and Spa, Room Service Restaurant and Lounge, and Haven Lounge to name a few.

Balcazar’s method is inspired by his love for food and beverage and his organizational skill which come from his military background. His creative approach is reflected in each venue which he finds himself opening or conceptualizing, making him an ideal addition to the leading cutting-edge Venues in Miami. 

Born and raised in Chicago, Balcazar developed an early appreciation for food stemming from his travels. His journey into the hospitality industry began upon moving back to Chicago after leaving the United States Army. Starting at the bottom, he gained experience through serving and casual bartending, during which he quickly became enamored with the bar culture as well as the operational managent

About The Balcazar Group

Balcazar Group LLC, works with companies that require a multiple range of business needs, from item creation, and launching new ventures, to re-branding. Our goal is to maximize your operations while making the process as smooth and non-intrusive as possible. We provide unique perspectives for clients when creating new and innovative concepts. However, our greatest strength is in our turnkey hospitality management service, which pulls together each element necessary for a successful operation.


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